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Designed for advertising agencies.
Created by professional comedy writers.

Why your ad needs comedy

The average punter likes a joke more than an ad. When you crank up the comedy factor in your advertising, people will be more likely to enjoy it, remember it, and act on it. The more purpose-driven our industry gets, the less funny the ads are. Which makes this moment a perfect opportunity for agencies to stand out and cash in on laughter.

How we can help your agency

The average creative department is full of funny people. Our class aims to channel that raw ability with a wealth of tips and techniques for writing gags and comic scenarios - to help you become more reliably funny. By the end of the session, your creatives will have the tools to be joke-writing machines.

Who are we to tell you what's funny?

Respectively we’re an ad creative of 15 years' experience, and a comedy writer for Disney+. We’re also both stand-up comedians, performing in clubs across the country. More to the point, we've obsessed for years over the question what makes something funny? Our classes are the culmination of all our experience and analysis.

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